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Detective Conan icons

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Welcome to conan_icons! It's an icon community for the long running anime series Detective Conan.

Before you join however, there are a few rules to follow.

#1) No drama. o_o There's not bound to be much drama in an icon community, but seeing as I've already come across some drama about this community, well, let's just keep the drama away, kay? :D

#2) Always credit the icon maker for the icon if they request credit.

#3) Please use a LJ-cut for any posts more with more than three icons. If you don't know what a LJ-cut is, ask one of the mods and we'll help you. :)

#4) If an icon you ave may offend someone for some reason, please place it under a LJ-cut with a warning.

#5) Usually icon makers will have their own rules with their icons. Please follow those as well.

Not that hard, right? ;)

Your lovely mods are _toxication (Lemon) and hamst3rhamham (Vixy). If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact one of us. Both of us get our comments emailed to us, so commenting in one of our entries will work. :)

Well, I hope you enjoy the icons posted in this community and even post some of your own! :D

ps: psst.. also, check out this secret project going on.. :)